Mission to Kenya 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005



Shirley wants her family to know that, at the Mubichi party last night, she ate goat and danced native dances with the women (be sure to tell mother).

ALL of the women danced in a circle while the African women sang songs.

Periodically, they would stop and explain to us the lyrics.

We especially liked the onE about women being the salt of the Earth!

That is certainly the case with these extraordinary women in Meru.



It is midnight and, like everyone else on this trip, I am dead tired. But I wanted to add a final thoughts before signing off. I am normally not very good at expressing my feelings about faith and religion and tonight I am further handicapped by extreme fatigue. But here goes.

First, we want everyone to know how very much we appreciate your prayers for our wellbeing while we are in Africa. Even from afar, we can feel your love and concern and well wishes.

Second, we want to thank each person who contributed in one way or another to this mission trip. We have brought a bag of "goodies" to every agency or facility we have visited -- thanks to your generosity. Thanks especially to Jeff; your gifts are now scattered across Maua and Meru and are in the hands of very deserving people. Bless you.

Finally, we want you to know that we feel very bless to have been able to make this journey. We have encountered a Christianity here in Kenya that is refreshing and invigorating and rejuvenating. People introduce themselves by saying, "My name is Betty Mwangi and I am born again through Jesus Christ my Savior." We pray before and after every meeting and meal and often end a gathering by reciting in unison a benediction. No Methodists here smoke or drink alcohol. I have not heard a sarcastic remark or unkind comment in all the time I have been in Kenya. There is a wholesomeness that is worthy of emulation. Conversation with Kenyans begins with sincere inquiries about yourself and your family. Only after they have taken a little time to get to know you and to assess how you are REALLY doing do we get down to the business at hand. The members of this VIM trip talked a lot this evening at dinner about the many ways we have been touched and changed by the wonderful people we have met here in Kenya. All agreed this has been a God directed mission and that we Americans have been the primary beneficiaries.



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