Mission to Kenya 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005


Carding wool at Makena Textile Workshop (Womens Project).

We ate lunch at the farm. Then some rested and repacked. Others went with Kathy to pay a courtesy call on the Mayor of Meru. They ended up chatting with the city manager who identified his greatest need to be a firetruck (they have a fire station but they don't have a truck.) Meru has a daytime population of 130,000 and a night time population of 70,000. The annual budget of the city is 50,000 Kenyan shillings.

NOTE: Our Vice Mayor (Kathy) said next time she would bring a small flag and/or a plaque and buisness cards of key administrators in her city so Meru officials could exchange emails.

A third group tooke a brief tour of the Kaage School for the Mentally Handicapped where they presented a gift bag.

In the late afternoon, we climbed into the vans once more for a visit to the Makena Textile Industry (Women's Weaving Project). We saw women carding wool, spinning wool, weaving wool (above picture), and even saw where they do the tye dye process. The had a small shop and most of us purchased an item or two - hot pads, purses and bags, stoles, blouses, shirts and dresses and even woven carpets.


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