Mission to Kenya 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005


Gardens at the farm

Tonight, everyone (except Alfred and Jean) ate dinner at the bio-intensive farm and is sleeping in the farm's dormitories. Marshall rewired one of the showerheads (which contains a heating unit) so there are now two functioning showers at the farm! Yeah.

Jean and Alfred spent their final night in Meru at the home of Steven and Florence Mubichi. We stayed up very late talking about all the deserving projects we visited (we are suffering from a mild case of "donor fatigue") in an effort to prioritize and focus. We also exchanged gifts and I am still wearing my wonderful Kenyan necklace and earrings as I type this at midnight!

Everyone has asked me to post the contact information for the director of the farm and his wife, Janet, who was matron of Maua Hospital for 21 years and just retired (Stanley Gitari's wife, Mary took over the position after Janet retired). They have been simply wonderful. So here it is:

John and Janet Mwalimu
PO Box 443
Meru 60200
Kenya, Africa

Email: Mwalimu@salpha.net


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