Mission to Kenya 2005

Sunday, January 16, 2005


Kaaga Children's Home (Street Children Project)

Sunday afternoon we toured this facility for very poor area children from 4 to 22 years of age. The children sang for us and we met the staff. Then students took us for a tour of their dormitory, the farm, other buildings.

This program started as a feeding program for the street children in Meru and grew until it was selected by the Kaaga Methodist Church.

According to ints director, the program has four dimensions: Spiritual (knowing God), Mental (intellectual growth), Physical (learning about personal hygiene, getting exercise, etc), and Social (learning to interact with others).

In addition, these children learn to manage cattle (there is a small "farm" on the property).

The program also feeds the homeless children in the community.

Many of the children served are orphans who had been living on the streets. Besides providing this "home," the church helps with the cost of their schooling.


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