Mission to Kenya 2005

Saturday, January 15, 2005


On Saturday, we observed the Compassion Program which started with 110 children in 2000. They now have 403 children enrolled and another 300 graduates of the program.

The classes are held on the grounds of the church. The students wear uniforms (provided by the church) and sit in groups of up to 60. They are grouped by class level, sitting in plastic chairs in semi-circles. On the day we visited, they were perfectly behaved - quiet, attentive, polite. Tailoring classes for the older students were held in the fellowship hall.

This program is partially funded by Compassion International -- an NGA based in Colorado Springs, CO. Compassion International provides funding to cover operating costs but does not provide money to house the program.

The classes we met with were studying personal hygiene, religion, tailoring, embroidery, and more. After lunch, 5 little ones recited a poem about redemption through Jesus Christ, 18 sang a song, and 3 teenagers performed a dance to religious music. We were welcomed by the Chairwoman of the church and we were introduced to the many social workers who serve as instructors for this program.

The church members have begun construction of a permanent facility that would hold classrooms, supply room, administrators' offices and a small kitchen and bathroom (see photo above). This would be a fun VIM project to work on and very gratifying as it touches so many deserving children.


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