Mission to Kenya 2005

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Meru is located on the Northeast slopes of Mount Kenya about five miles north of the equator; the altitude in Meru is approximately 5,000 feet.

Have you discovered Wikipedia yet? It is a great online encyclodepia - of sorts. It depends on folks like you and me submitting information. Here is the link to their description of Meru.

According to http://www.kenya-travel-safari.com/kenya-travel-destinations/meru-travel-kenya-tourism.html/, Meru is a bustling business, agricultural and educational center for the entire northeast of Kenya. It has three or four banks and numerous hotels, markets and transportation terminals. Coffee, tea, timber, cattle and all other manner of products are produced in Meru. It is located in an area of mixed forest and clearings, with smaller towns and villages, and rural farms surrounding it.

Major attractions in Meru include the municipal market featuring stalls selling baskets, clothes, domestic utensils, agricultural produce and more (especially popular are the small fruit shops selling custard apples and miraa) and the Meru Museum in the oldest stone building in town. The museum is comparatively small but very engaging with ethnographic exhibits, pick-up-and-feel blocks of fossilized wood, and stone tools from the Lewa Downs prehistoric site. By the museum is a place to buy herbal pharmacopoeia and a pool featuring crocodile, turtles and tortoises.

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