Mission to Kenya 2005

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


We returned from the morning game drive about 10 am. After we had breakfast at the lodge, we reboarded our vans for a trip to a nearby Samburu village.

The Samburu are like the Maasai in that they strive to maintain their culture and heritage. They intermarry with Maasai tribe members although it seems the Samburu hold to traditional ways even more that the Maasai (see links to writeups below).

You may not take their picture nor can you photograph their belongings such as their herds of cattle, goats, camels, etc. Instead, we paid about $10 per person to visit a select site and there we could ask questions, take photos, and purchase their wares.

This picture of the women in the village greeting us upon arrival.

This link takes you to an excellent writeup about the Samburus of Kenya.

So does this one.


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