Mission to Kenya 2005

Sunday, January 23, 2005



  • It's great to be home...
    Thank you all for going to Kenya! I can’t imagine a better group to be with and the lessons learned will continue for a lifetime I suspect. Already I am re-examining my view of environmental issues and use of water, world politics, women’s rights, even my geographical view of Africa. Somehow even looking at the many pictures we took, I can’t possibly capture what we saw, felt, tasted and experienced – especially those of you who were courageous enough to go into the villages and interact with the people. Even though we all experienced Kenya, we each have a unique story to tell. How grateful I am for the superb chronology that Jean provided, for the outstanding pictures Beth, Jennifer Price and others took, for the fabulous generosity of our hosts, for the boldness of the Nichols Hills bunch to expand mere “painting” walls to painting beds, furniture, for the new depths of creativity in cheerful murals and “funtastic” shopping ventures, for the quiet gentle support of Alfred and Scott in “protecting us” on the uncertain trails, and for the constant humor and savy insight of Marchal, Summer and Jennifer to ease the uncertain times.

    Blessings, Rebecca M

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